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0 Comments IdN Magazine Pick of the Month!

As long as I’ve been interested in design publications, I’ve been reading IdN Magazine. Which makes seeing my work celebrated as an IdN ‘Pick of the Month’ an extra special honor. Big thanks to the magazine for making my month!

Some new work is on the way – I know it’s been a little while…

0 Comments Like Fugitives From A Graveyard

These lovely and entertaining title screens from the presumed trailer for The House of Terror were all found at the horror-devoted blog, Monster Movie Music. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1 Comment Design [Bureau] Takes Root

Hot off the press, the new Design Bureau issue is out now! I’m excited to share a bit of editorial illustration I produced for the article, Design Takes Root. The piece focuses on an efficient new system for urban agriculture that encourages communities to bring more green into their neighborhoods. The lettering embodies the essence of the story, while the info graphic illustrates the systematic approach to spreading agriculture throughout the city.

I’ve gotta thank Design Bureau/Alarm Press art director Lindsey Turner for this wonderful opportunity to get involved in such an inspirational and motivated new publication. She is a fantastic designer herself and an absolute pleasure to work with!

If you still haven’t picked up a copy of Design Bureau yet, you’re missing out on some of the richest design literature out there!

0 Comments Wayne White Type Paintings

The last couple trips to my local Borders each brought me to opening up artist Wayne White’s book, Maybe Now I’ll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve with wide eyes and appreciation. What a pleasant surprise to come across an artist who is so classically skilled as a painter and yet so fascinated with dimensional typography.

I don’t know a lot about Wayne White, but its clear he has a great sense of humor—his paintings are witty, both in the phrasing of his titles, and the various ways he manages to incorporate letterforms of varying shape and size into the scene of a wooded forest, a lake front, or leaning against the outside of a barn. The next time I see his book, I think I’ll spring for a copy of my own, because I certainly hope he does get the respect he so richly deserves!

0 Comments 123KLAN Reel 2011

A new year, a new 123KLAN reel. And she’s a ‘beaut!

Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time before I posted something new about my favorite Canadians!

0 Comments A New Alex Trochut

After almost a year with scarce updates, Alex Trochut debuts a brand new site and a killer collection of new work! It’s interesting to see he’s still rocking a flash website, though. To each, his own. And a nice reminder for me to get into gear and finish my own site updates.

Here’s to an afternoon of unadulterated jealousy!

2 Comments Bianca Chang’s Paper Letters

Monomoda just posted a small article on Australian designer Bianca Chang and her paper letters. Cutting the the same form over and over with subtle shape differences, Bianca has developed a lovely new take on sculptural typography. Makes me want to grab a ruler, a blade, and some 100% recycled paper, and get slicing!

Bianca also works at Frost Design in Sydney.

0 Comments Chicago Type

A great little resource documenting various samples of found type—signage mostly—around the streets of Chicago, appropriately called Chicago Type. The project was started and is maintained by trigger happy snap shottist (snap shottist?) and fellow Chicagoan, Shawn Hazen. In my relatively short time in Chicago, I haven’t yet made it outside of the city to see most of the places on the site… and now I don’t have to!

Thanks for the link, Adam!

0 Comments Owen Gildersleeve

Paper art, or craft/tactile design, or the DIY movement, or whatever you want to call it was no doubt huge around three years ago, but seems to have exhausted it’s fifteen minutes as of recent. With the recent resurgence of hand-drawn or clumsy-but-cute campaigns, I have a feeling craft design is making it’s official comeback. And when I come across such inventive work from artists like Owen Gildersleeve, I’m only more and more positive.

Owen turned it up a notch with a number of his recent pieces, and its really stoking my curiosities of the craftier side of design.

0 Comments Timba Smits is Delicious

It turns out that I’ve been familiar with the work of Timba Smits for a little while now and didn’t realize it. If you’ve ever been to Wooden Toy, you’ve seen his work too. Smits works with such an infectious style, blending old time youth advertising-isms with a very specific urban style, to the tune of 123 Klan and the like. The work, and the tone Smits presents his work overall is just too fresh!

Also, this guy only has 87 followers on Twitter and thats a crime. Follow Timba @TimbaSmits today!