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0 Comments Print RDA 2011: And Sometimes Y

So the Borders downtown went out of business this Fall and now resembles a bomb shelter. The nearest Barnes & Noble is one of those campus affiliated ones, so the selection is super limited. These are probably my two best excuses as to why I’ve just now acquired this issue of Print, which has been in circulation for over a month now!

Anyway, I was overjoyed to learn that my work would be featured in the Midwest chapter of the Regional Design Annual for 2011. Its a publication that I’m always eager to get my hands on every year, and to be featured on the same pages as some of my long-time design crushes is always an honor.

And Sometimes Y is a little project I produced in 2010 that I had a really good feeling about. The letterforms were fascinating to me, and I hoped that my peers would appreciate them the same way I did when I was first sketching them. They’ve been working really hard for me over the last year, and in light of that, I’m hoping to explore new studies of a similar fashion, or perhaps an entire alphabet inspired by these vowels.

We’ll see. For now, back to the drawing board!

1 Comment Camp Firebelly 2011 Tshirt

It probably would have been more relevant to talk about this tshirt design a month ago when Camp Firebelly was actually going on. But anyway, I had a really fun time producing this really fun graphic— was fun to make, is fun to wear— for this year’s Camp Firebelly participants, and I finally got around to shooting it over the weekend. The artwork is breezy, not rigid, includes a few ‘campy’ cues, two-color, and was printed on a super comfortable organic-orange fabric, provided by Alternative Apparel, who I’ll definitely refer to again in the future!

0 Comments Like Fugitives From A Graveyard

These lovely and entertaining title screens from the presumed trailer for The House of Terror were all found at the horror-devoted blog, Monster Movie Music. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

0 Comments Letman

Producing a lot of generally well done typography and hand lettering, I found out about Letman after seeing the series of lettering he produced (above) for a fashion event called the Modefabriek. It’s stunning imagery; bold and compelling, with photography by Philippe Vogelenzang. Definitely a fantastic demonstration of photography and design in harmony. Just wish I knew about it back in January when it made it’s debut!

1 Comment TFMBBD: Favorita

Hand-painted letters found on a sign in Uncle Julio’s, an excellent mexican restaurant in Lincoln Park.

0 Comments Like Minded Studio

I just came across the work of Like Minded Studio, based in Sydney, and was reminded of how severely I need to step up my lettering game! Also, although pinstriping doesn’t appear much in their work, it’s been applied really nicely in the image above.

UPDATE: You’ll find some of Like Minded Studio’s best work in their Flickr photostream!

0 Comments I Updated My Portfolio

I’m excited to share a handful of new pieces I’ve been working on over the last couple months. I’ve talked an awful lot about the Typeforce exhibit that I was invited to participate in, so I’m happy to finally be able to show what I created for it up close. That piece is called And Sometimes Y. There’s also a theatre poster with some aggressive pink language, a branding effort for NYC-based skin care clinic, lettering I created for announcements celebrating my engagement to Jessica Lynn White, and finally a better look at some of the photography I’ve been shooting with my Pentax Spotmatic.


Enjoy the new stuff, and tell one person about it!

0 Comments Jon Contino

The work of Jon Contino is sweet. Consider yourself inspired.

1 Comment The Typeforce Opening

I’ve been trying to hype up this show for the past couple weeks, and with all the talk, I could only hope that the opening would live up to expectations. Well I am proud to say that TYPEFORCE: The Annual Chicago Show of Emerging Typographic Allstars was a bigger success than I could have ever imagined! The turnout was staggering; with such a large space to fill, in a location so far out of everyone’s convenience, it was truly eye-opening how many people actually care about letter forms.

Hooray! It turns out designers aren’t just nerds after all.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve sort of been keeping my contribution for the show a secret. But now that it’s out in the open, I thought I’d share a preview. In the image above you can see the first portion of the 5-part set of giclée prints titled, And Sometimes Y. I wanted to explore the authority of the vowels in the English language as some sort of quirky royalty. When I get my act together, I’ll prepare a more official presentation of this series. For now, teasers abound!

For those of you who couldn’t make it out Friday night, I’ve posted a set of photos from the opening on Flickr. Check them out here!

0 Comments Studio Lettering & John Mayer

House Industries designs a wonderful type-based show poster for tomorrow night’s John Mayer show at Madison Square Garden! Printed in a limited edition of 300.

Read about it at the House Industries blog!