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0 Comments A 2012 Wish from Gilah Press

There’s nothing like receiving a surprise at your doorstep from your favorite letterpress studio. This year is off to a sunny start, with a charming 2012 wish from the lovely ladies at Gilah Press in Baltimore!

Gilah Press has been my trusted printer since MICA, having worked with them on projects including my very own wedding invitations—which turned out amazing! I’m always overjoyed with their quality results and anticipate many new projects in the new year.

Always reliable, timely and accommodating, I highly recommend considering Gilah Press for your next letterpress project.


0 Comments Holiday Coasters from Firebelly

There is nothing like returning home in Chicago to some holiday design cheer! Waiting for me at my doorstep was a beautifully designed and crafted package from the talented crew at Firebelly Design. Raising the bar once again, “Bottoms Up” is a limited edition run of four letterpressed holiday coasters, perforated and ready to protect my coffee table.

Though, I think I’ll gladly suffer through a few water rings in order to preserve this fantastic set. Cheers to you, Firebelly!

0 Comments IdN Magazine Pick of the Month!

As long as I’ve been interested in design publications, I’ve been reading IdN Magazine. Which makes seeing my work celebrated as an IdN ‘Pick of the Month’ an extra special honor. Big thanks to the magazine for making my month!

Some new work is on the way – I know it’s been a little while…

0 Comments TWIN Collective x LLL

Justin and Tami, the talented masterminds behind TWIN Collective— possibly Chicago’s newest design studio— gave me the honor of designing a logo treatment to promote TWIN at this Saturday’s Pop ‘stache Half-A-Ween party! The objective was to make the roman numeral II (their logo) look awesome in one color. Hopefully my ‘awesome’ potion did the trick on this one.

TWIN will have a booth at the event, discussing the future of design entrepreneurship, so if you’re not going to the Deftones show this Saturday, head to the Pop ‘Stache party and introduce yourselves.

I love the idea of a TWIN x LLL partnership – so here’s to hoping this happens more often!

0 Comments Some new work!

I’m excited to share a batch of new work that I’ve produced in recent months. I don’t like feeling like I’ve been sitting on work for a little while without sharing it, so from now on I’ll be updating the work a bit more regularly. For now there are eight new projects available for your viewing pleasure, highlights including an editorial piece for Design Bureau, an experimental type project for Proximity Chicago, and the results of an impromptu photo shoot with dance/rock band, Rites!


1 Comment Design [Bureau] Takes Root

Hot off the press, the new Design Bureau issue is out now! I’m excited to share a bit of editorial illustration I produced for the article, Design Takes Root. The piece focuses on an efficient new system for urban agriculture that encourages communities to bring more green into their neighborhoods. The lettering embodies the essence of the story, while the info graphic illustrates the systematic approach to spreading agriculture throughout the city.

I’ve gotta thank Design Bureau/Alarm Press art director Lindsey Turner for this wonderful opportunity to get involved in such an inspirational and motivated new publication. She is a fantastic designer herself and an absolute pleasure to work with!

If you still haven’t picked up a copy of Design Bureau yet, you’re missing out on some of the richest design literature out there!

0 Comments 123KLAN Reel 2011

A new year, a new 123KLAN reel. And she’s a ‘beaut!

Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time before I posted something new about my favorite Canadians!

0 Comments Visual Armory

Pleased to find out my good friend and fellow Chicago designer Andy Luce has updated his portfolio site with some very fresh new pieces. I’ve always admired the consistency of his signature gestural lettering style, as it certainly still holds the spotlight across this body of work.

Great job, Andy – she’s a ‘beaut!

0 Comments Chase Whitney Signature Snare II

Chalk this up as one of my favorite small jobs: Chase Whitney called me one evening and asked if I would be able to draw him up a snare badge design for his new signature product for Battlefield Drums. I was honored to be able to design this for him, plus what a cool little item that I’ve never considered before. And of course the design was needed the same night!

This was also my first time applying a pinstriping technique, usually reserved for the sides of sports cars and Mack trucks. I’ve always been really interested in that style, and I think it worked with this design pretty well. Look at that beast of a snare drum! Love it… wish I were a drummer.

0 Comments Merge: Reply All this Friday

If you’re a designer or creative professional in Chicago, you are obligated to attend [Merge presents] Reply All this Friday at Evil Olive! I can vouch for last year’s party—it was packed with every designer worth buying drinks for. However, this year there has been a number of upgrades: awesome sponsors, prizes, live DJs, original motion design pieces for the event, and guest speakers! People, design events don’t get more official than this.

And on the note of guest speakers, I’ve been graciously asked to be one of them! I’ll be telling an embarrassing story about a design project that went horribly wrong. I get chills just thinking about the Hell I went through producing it. You’ll just have to attend the event to hear all the sloppy details! And with 446 attendees who have already RSVP’d, my palms are already starting to sweat…

If your company’s dumb holiday party is on the same night (like mine is), seriously consider changing your plans. Or bring everyone with you!

Lastly, thank Mig Reyes for doing such a bang up job organizing this beast of a party. He’s the brains behind it all!