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The Social Net—what?

So listen, I’m not a huge theatre-goer, but I do love great film, and I love Gaspar Noe. I saw his French mind-bender, Irreversiblé in a film class a few years ago, and it left quite the positive impression on me. It was a wild, complicated, over the top contemporary film that pushed the boundaries of conventional cinema and what the average audience can truly handle—and stomach.

With his newest film eight years later, Gaspar Noe takes an enormous step forward.

Enter the Void is more than a movie; it’s an experience. I realize that might sound cliché, but never has a theatre experience inspired me to feel the entire spectrum of human emotion in one sitting. From the blazing opening credits to the final two gut-punching frames, the film analyzes life, family, the separation of family, fear, death, the consequences of death, and a paralyzing look into Noe’s concepts of afterlife. The entire human experience in 150 minutes.

I hesitate to even call Enter the Void a movie, but rather a demonstration. It is unrated because the MPAA would have a field day with the explicitly honest content, but each and every controversial scene of the film is dripping with meaning and purpose. The story is told perfectly, the camera work is the most inventive I’ve ever seen—yes, ever—and I was so pierced to my seat with awe, I didn’t even open my king size box of Junior Mints. And that never, ever happens!

Seriously, not a single Junior Mint. For real.

This movie will leave you absolutely speechless. You won’t even realize the it’s over until the film strip literally comes off the reel. It isn’t for everyone, in fact a number of people left the theatre during scenes that are borderline tasteless. But Gaspar Noe clearly has something to say about life, and he makes his stand loud and clear.

If you are at all curious about this film, I highly encourage a screening before it leaves theaters. Cinema experience of the year, hands down—and that’s an understatement.

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