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I’ll start by pointing out this is a very positive review of more than just a great little album, but the efforts of a devoted band altogether; straight up, End the Century is one of the most exciting young bands on a fierce track to success in tomorrow’s metalcore scene. I was lucky enough to discover them after clicking through a healthy queue of YouTube videos from their now former drummer, Chase Whitney. Under the alias, Chaserrr, Whitney records a wide variety of refreshingly deft drum covers from heavier bands, mostly stemming from the christian scene — a large percentage belonging to Tooth & Nail and Solid State Records. One click led to another, and before I knew it, I was watching a video of End the Century, circa 2008, performing on a low budget radio show.

Having missed hearing their debut, Hammer & the Anvil, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt; I’m not reluctant in the least that their first album was just as promising at the time, as their current, Monsters is today. Which brings me to my point: for such a young band, they have clearly taken very careful notes from the torch bearers of yesterday and have placed a very tasty twist on melodic metalcore as we know it. With merely four tracks, Monsters packs a modest but confident punch, keeping it on my list of ‘most-looped’ albums on iTunes. Ambitious song lengths that don’t fall short, lead guitar riffs abound and an impressive collection of harmonized vocals, it’s clear these musicians know what we want to hear.

Guest appearances on the album include Scott McCulloch of Pinehas, a fellow SoCal metal act, as well as Scott Barnes – the next vocal sensation in the scene (seriously, I’m placing my bets now) – presently of the faux-epic group, In Fear and Faith. Having this kind of backing and support from your peers is not only flattering but also a huge sign of promise. End the Century knows who they are, where they belong, and they recognize the value of close friendships in the community. With signs already pointing to success, and a blazing hot audition-track sample posted on myspace, I anticipate the band’s coming material as an amazing step forward, taking the group from competent and well-versed, to entirely focused on a goal of excellence and a promise to the scene.

And I personally cannot wait.

Listen to End the Century.

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